Oneself, 2013
A Very Beautiful Challenge, 2013
Possession, 2013
Remembrance of Trial and Error, 2013
Anywhere recollections I, 2012
Anywhere recollections II, 2012
Anywhere recollections III, 2012
Anywhere recollections IV, 2012
Golden Standard, 2012
Wishes Organized in Steel and Stone (car, and a castle), 2012
Dimension In Perfection, 2012
White ardor (humans are the only animals that chew gum), 2012
Reflection, 2011
Let me store all the prophetic rays, 2011
Detail (As much as the horizon allows, 2011)
Hands Full of Futility, 2011
On Constant Practise, 2011
Playground (our blood, our kind.)2011