My artistic practice could be described as an endeavor to combine my own medium – photography – with other art forms. Alongside with photography, my practice almost without exception contains a preparation process similar to the writing of a script. It also resemblances sculptural methods, process art as well as painting; it is time consuming, physical, partly three-dimensional and chance plays a big role in it.
Shortly, the main themes in my bodies of work are usually dealing withthe basics of being human: life and death, flesh and blood, love and hate.

Dreams and Disappointments explores man’s physical and psychological vulnerability. Representations of the human body are marked with pushpins and attached strings at their perceived points of vulnerability. The strings pulled tight to a point outside the frame of the image allude to the presence of an unknown and dominant force.

The events in the images are describing the individuals’ relationship to themselves and other people. The events are social situations that usually repeat themselves in human life.
In cinematic set ups, the individuals are usually represented in the moment when they are facing their history, future, dreams and fears.

Fire is a pyrotechnical expedition that investigates meanings of fire in cultural history, society and contemporary art.
To me, the fire is simultaneously an equipment, process and objective.

Fire is consciously designed as an ambiguous work. The mythology of fire is present in the photographs, but only in the background. The flames represent, above all, a means of exploring the psychology of fear in my own primitive reactions and the reactions of my audience – the experience of being suspended between being in control and losing it.
offers a stage for strong emotions and mental states of negative pleasure. My works are a study on beauty and horror, and a sudden moment of irrevocable catastrophe.

Between Heaven and Earth represents a departure from my usual medium of photography. In the course of my twenty-year long artistic career, it has been my habit from time to time to cross over between 2D and 3D forms of expression, as a way of keeping my thinking fresh. It also reflects my desire to work with my hands.

My works mainly address spiritual, immaterial themes examined through delicate small-scale objects and transparent materials. I am interested in exploring myths, emotions and the world of ideas, as well as religious issues from a secular point of view. I construct commentaries on humanity and art, always with an undertone of absurdist humor.

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